Istomedica Anatomic Pathology Laboratory performs complete histological, immunohistochemical and molecular testing on all types of tissues. Our work consists of the study of small materials (e.g., biopsies of stomach, intestine, skin, etc.) as well as larger tissues (such as thyroid gland, gastrectomy, colectomy, breast, soft tissue, bone morphomas, etc.).

In cooperation with experienced cytologists, it is possible to diagnose all cytological materials (e.g., PAP-test, FNA).

For the correct diagnosis of complex cases, the laboratory has the possibility to use special markers, using the technique of immunohistochemistry.

In addition, using molecular tests, we study mutations in EGFR, K-RAS, BRAF, ALK and other genes for personalized treatment, while using the CISH method we study the overexpression of the HER-2/Cerb-B2/neu gene.

In any case further investigation of the case is required (special histochemical staining, immunohistochemistry, molecular techniques) the medical staff informs the referring physician.


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